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White Brick House

white brick

In this article we’ll go over the pros and cons of real brick, brick veneer and painted brick siding as well answer all your most frequently asked questions with lots of example pics. Hopefully by the end you’ll have all the info you need to decide if a white brick house is right for you.

What’s great about white brick is how popular white homes are. When you combine the popularity of brick siding with the appeal of a white home what you get is a great exterior design. A white brick house combines the best of home siding materials and color choices. Siding your home with white bricks creates a more natural look because you still retain the color of the mortar.

If you want more white then the mortar can be colored to be as white as you want it. Your second option is painted brick. It’s a fantastic way to deal with a brick homes color but has a more synthetic look because the bricks and grout lines will all be the exact same color. Painted brick is a wonderful design choice for remodeling older brick homes that badly need a style update

Unlike other siding materials brick requires practically no maintenance other than cleaning. Because a brick’s color is baked all the way through the entire brick, the color is permanent and doesn’t fade like vinyl siding does. Of all the home siding options brick has the lowest maintenance to keep it’s beautiful look.
Painted brick is different than other painted surfaces because of how the paint absorbs into the wall. It lasts a lot longer than painted wood or fiber cement siding.

How To Keep Your White Brick House Clean

Whilt brick homes are low maintenance and last for generations, regular cleanings are important if you want them looking their best.

No matter what shade, style or size brick you’ve got, if the bricks and mortar are dirty or have green mold growing all over them, eventually you’ll have to clean them.

Brick and mortar both suffer from some of the same issues when it comes to cleaning. They’re both porous and prone to collecting dirt which leads to issues with mold growth. Especially on the sides of the house that don’t get much sun. Below, we’ll give you some links to our favorite cleaning products.

Keep in mind these cleaning products are safe to use on both real white brick veneer or painted brick.

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