problems in construction industry

The following are some of the problems in construction industry in uganda

Increasing project costs

The next thing he has to worry about are the costs of everything that he is going to need to complete the project successfully. Due to the weakening of the Uganda Shilling against the dollar, there is a constant rise of project costs and this includes the construction materials as well as the services to be offered.

Lack of skilled labour

Let’s say he has got every material that he needs for the project, he needs labor. Obviously there are many Ugandans seeking jobs so finding people to work with is not a very difficult task. The challenge though is that most of these people can only provide unskilled labour. If it is a big project, say a road or a very big building, the contractor will be forced to hire skilled labour from outside countries which costs them heavily as these people demand high salary wages, and this obviously has a negative impact on the cost of the project.

Safety of the site

With everything needed for the project available, the next thing the contractor is concerned about is the safety of the site. The construction industry is a risky industry and this is why there is high demand for insurance and compensation claims for serious injuries caused on sites. Many contractors pay high premiums for various types of insurance and these impact operations around the project because it is costly.

It is evident that the problems that the nation faces as a whole directly or indirectly affect the construction industry as well. From the above we can see issues of corruption, inflation, unemployment among others. Like I said earlier, we cannot talk about all of them and finish. This is simply a sneaky peak into a few of them.


When a contractor will be happy when they successfully get a tender but there is a lot that he has to worry about even before he starts working on the project. One of them is the percentage of the project money that he has to give to whoever got him the tender. He is already compromising the quality of work to be delivered and this is why we are getting defective results from multibillion dollar projects.

Brief case contractors

When a person or a company has a big construction project, they may not be able to do it on their own, so they will get a contractor. Smaller companies or entities may have to worry about brief case contractors or scams posing as contractors only to rip them of their money. Larger entities however have the capability to advertise or call on contractors to bid for the project and this reduces the risk of interfacing with scams.

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