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AC installation

AC installation at Rubis Oil Ndeeba

We are one of the Best AC Installation service providers across uganda and East Africa. In addition we also do AC Service, Gas Filling, etc., We also take corporate orders such as Centralised AC System and Breakdown fixing Services, Cold Room and Cold Storage services.

AC installation

Types of Air-conditioned

Window AC

These are wall-mounted and are apt for a small room with a window space. They are quite pocket-friendly and the maintenance cost is also low. You can choose from window AC 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2-ton window ac, depending on the size of your room and the window space where it’ll be installed.

Split AC

Split ACs are too mounted on the wall and are typically used for large rooms as their cooling capacity is quite high. They do not require windows for installing and come with a condenser and a compressor. It comes in various capacities like 1-ton split ac, 1.5 ton split ac and 2 ton split ac. Split AC comes in various colors and patterns that can change the entire look of your ro

Inverter AC

A large number of buyers prefer inverter air conditioners today. It is because they are manufactured in such a way that they save 30-50% power over a regular AC. In an inverter AC, the compressor is put on active mode all the time. It is the power requirement that keeps varying. The speed, power, and technology automatically adapt to changing needs.

Centralized AC

Portable AC

 standard installation of split- AC conditioners

    • Drilling on the wall to create a cavity/hole to facilitate routing of the pipes/tube from indoor unit (IDU) to outdoor unit (ODU)
    • Installation of the copper and the drainage pipe, connecting indoor unit (IDU) to Outdoor (ODU) using standard wire/pipe length provided by manufacturer
    • Connection of separately purchased stabilizer and electrical connections to the AC unit
    • Cooling performance check and product demonstration
    • Installation charges to be paid directly to brand engineer at the time of installation

When should one iinstall AC in a site

  • Plug /Plug Point or MCB with suitable Wiring within 1 Meter of the IDU Unit
  • Any Scaffolding or other Requirement for Installation of the ODU
  • Unit will not be installed in case there is no Provision for ODU (Accessibility / Safety /Future Service)
  • Meter Capacity to be at least 15 A for Single Phase
  • Separate MCB with at least 25 A MCB and 15 A Plug Point to be provided
  • 2.5 Sq MM Separate wiring from mains up to AC plug Point
  • Proper Earthing
  • In case of Power Fluctuations Stabilizer with High Voltage/Low Voltage Cut off to be used
  • For 2 ton suggested for 3 phase meter with AC on connected to 1 Phase
  • Beyond 2 ton Contact Voltas for proper guidance
  • Installation cannot be done on load-bearing beam
  • Precut space on grill/wall for the appropriate size of AC


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