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construction project management

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construction project management

The first step is establishing a clear and easy strategy construction management project tailored for each client’s unique circumstances. We do this by meeting with clients to assess and understand their specific needs and project development goals. This stage is conducted on a one to one basis with our technical consultants and our panel of independent strategic partners who guides and supports the clients through every stage of the project implementation journey from the very first step through completion.

A construction project management involves planning, coordinating, budgeting and supervising projects from the beginning to the end. In short, a construction project manager has to take care of the following: Put together the budget and negotiate cost estimates. construction project management

construction project management

5 phase on construction project management

1. Project Initiation

This is the start of the project, and the goal of this phase is to define the project at a broad level. This is when you will research whether the project is feasible and if it should be undertaken. A feasibility test examines whether the proposed solutions align with the main objectives.  Ensure that a final recommended solution is identified

2. Project Planning

At this point in the construction life cycle, your team identifies the scope of the work and develops a road map. Identify the resources needed and the strategy of producing them. During this phase, the scope of the project is defined and a project management plan is developed. It involves identifying the cost, quality, available resources, and a realistic timetable.

3. Project Execution
This is the phase where deliverables are developed and completed and project plan is being put into practice.

4. Project Monitoring
This is all about measuring project progression and performance and ensuring that everything happening aligns with the project management plan .project monitoring ensure that every item aligns with the project schedule.

5. Project Closure
This is the final step in the project management as it offers the deliverables to the client. Contractors hired to work specifically on the project are terminated at this time.

Importance of  construction project management

Better and Improved Communication
Communication is always an important aspect. Suppose, if you are at the office and workers at the construction site need some data from you. With construction management software, you can approve his RFI so that he can access the required information and move ahead with the project.

Communication becomes effortless and simpler with construction management software. All the workers associated with the project experience the quick and lucid inflow of information that helps with better planning and execution of a project.

Quality Resource Utilization.

With construction management software, the resources can be potentially utilized. The contractor stays updated about the on-going processes and equipment that are being used.

Task Scheduling
With construction management software, the contractor and staff can know which equipment is required and where it is required. They can know about pending tasks and updated schedules. Also, to keep you on track with the schedules, it sends reminder alerts about deadlines and updates.

Organized & Efficient Delivery
The complete construction process can be simplified with construction software. From project planning to its execution, contractor and staff are updated about everything that helps them with a better understanding of the project.

Project Analytics and Insights
Construction management software records every detail of the construction projects. The data can be accessed anytime for analyzing the progress of the project.

Types of construction management software

It provides tool to users to manage their projects and it ensures that every person in your team is connected and work is synchronized.

Jonas premier
This is a sample and powerful software which will automate the entire workflow of your project the use of cloud construction technology has created better world for construction industry

BIM 360
It is online management system design for construction industry to help project manager to speed up their delivery. This construction software also helps the team to effectively design, impalement workable schedule hence efficient delivery of their project

Red team construction software
This is cloud-based software created by construction professionals for construction professionals. It is equipped with end-to-end construction management tools. Meaning, it will allow you to manage various areas of your construction business, from sales to production, in a single hub

Co constructs construction software
This software program lets in constructors to effects manipulate continuously converting principles in place of being restrained via way of means of pre-described varieties of materials, designs, and activities.
This software program is a web-primarily based totally and cellular creation undertaking control device designed for the necessities of design-construct firms, builders, and clients.

Types of Construction Projects management

There are a number of exceptional styles of production initiatives, relying on at the exceptional production sectors. There are sectors in production: residential and commercial. Depending on at the sector, there may be as much as 4 exceptional styles of initiatives:

construction project management

1. Residential domestic constructing and renovation

2. industrial
3. Infrastructural


That approach there are a huge type of styles of production initiatives that require production control so that it will be a hit. Construction control is probably required for easy domestic to a big bridge, from engineering a dam construct to an airport seismic retrofit assignment.

Construction Project Management Tools

Gantt charts
• Team scheduling
• Resource allocation & control
• Task lists
• Timesheets
• Online report storage
• Email alerts
• Mobile app

Gantt Charts has an on-line Gantt chart maker, which offers a visible timeline on your production task. It additionally makes modifying production task schedules first-rate easy. You clearly drag and drop a challenge bar to extrude the challenge’s deadline, and you could additionally see the real development in actual time because the challenge bar is shaded every time the reputation is updated.
Resource Management
Team scheduling and useful resource control are different critical functions you’ll want, that will help you chart the availability, talent set, price and allocation of your personnel and your production substances in actual-time.
Another manner to control your crew’s hours is thru timesheets. No count wherein your crew is located, both onsite and withinside the office, they could replace their timesheets fast. They publish in seconds, and bosses can effortlessly assessment and approve all with a keystroke. And you could notify them that timesheets are due with computerized emails.

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